Getting ready for Christmas

What a wonderful time we had at our church this past weekend! It was a weekend filled with many kinds of activities. On Saturday morning, the children decorated the Christmas tree, the adults changed the church vestments and the ladies cleaned the church. Later, Santa came and brought gifts to the young children who were so eager to decorate the tree and prepare the church for the holiday. In the afternoon, the Nativity scene was set up, followed by the vesper service and confession. Thankful thoughts go out to all those who helped complete these tasks.

Happy Anniversary, Romania!

Saturday December 1 2018, a small group of Romanians gathered to the Social Hall to celebrate Romania’s Centennial. It was an emotional gathering with historical meaningful songs and amazing local stories. ¬†Many participants showed their Romanian pride by wearing traditional costumes.


The evening started with a presentation by Prof. Virgil Solomon that highlighted the historical events and personalities leading to the Great Union on December 1, 1918.

The Ladies’ Choir then charmed everybody with old and new patriotic songs, with the audience joining in singing the well known songs.

We then learned then about the Youngstown Romanian community and orthodox church contribution to the Great Union. Fr. Bica talked about the community’s strong support for the Great Union, and about the impressive personal and material war efforts that the community eagerly contributed to the cause.

We gratefully watched a documentary about some of the Youngstown Romanian heroes that fought in the American Army during the WWI. In the documentary, Mr. John Curea, Mr. Nick Pacalo, and Mr. Nick Craciun recall emotional stories of sacrifice and dedication of their fathers and grandfather.

The evening ended with a delicious meal and friendly conversations around the table.