All Saints Dinner

Immediately following the Divine Liturgy

Menu                                         Meniu

Baked Chicken                          Pui la Cuptor
Roast Sausage                         Carnat Fript
Stuffed Cabbage                       Sarmale
Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy        Piure de Cartofi cu Gravy
Corn Meal Mush w/Cheese       Mamaliga cu Branza
Salad                                         Salata
Pastries                                     Prajituri
Coffee/Beverages                     Cafea/Bauturi

Come, join us!                          Va asteptam cu drag!

Parastas offered by the Fatu & Streza families.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Carmen Sylva Ladies Auxiliary THANKS everyone who attended our annual Thanksgiving dinner. We have always been blessed to have a supportive group of friends and parishioners who encourage us to succeed in each of our endeavors through your attendance or purchases.

We wish each of you a peaceful, blessed Thanksgiving with loved ones and friends near.

*Thank you to all the helpers who got this food from stove to table & helped clean up, too!
Didina & Mircea Sacui, Maggie & Nick Craciun, Joann & Lee Musguire, Marcela Taindel, Anda C, Psa Monica Bica, Judy Shonn, Evelyn Lavetti, Marsha Andrei, Mariana Lazar, Natasha Sacui, Louise Gibb


A Parastas will be offered by the Taindel – Bebelea families on Sunday, July 21, 2019 following the Divine Liturgy for their departed family members.

All members are invited to participate!